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On a quest to find invaluable parts for the ‘71 Wolf, the salvage yard offered more than just a material fulfillment. It became a place of virtue. A place to discover memories, as we scoured through different vehicles, bumping shoulders with true gearheads along the way. Each automobile it’s own personal treasure chest, offering a look into their glory days, a time when they once ran wild on the open road. Even with the moisture of rainfall on it’s way, our determination was not interrupted as we found our confidence building through each row of fallen road warriors. Compelled by a sense of nostalgia, we brought along with us a few disposable film cameras, relying only on the quality of our experiences that day rather than number of pixels. Each snap of the shutter capturing a moment of candidness, but also certainty.

[Charles Mingus - Mood Indigo]

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Fellow gearhead after the frame of an old Harley.

Nothing like a morning in the midst of a moto-mortuary.

Draped in something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.


With each person on their own pursuit, we crossed paths with those after a simple car remedy, to others looking for the last piece of a restorative puzzle. What ‘wrenchers’ like Tony and Victor would call their second home, we simply passed through on a quest for Volkswagen parts. Regardless of the pursuit, there is a certain camaraderie amongst both the veterans and the newcomers. Curiosity also had Unyime and I diving into cars quite different than what we were looking for that morning. We couldn’t help it though, some vehicles proving more charming than others as they drew us in.

Vanilla Sky.

Probably the only useful thing in owning an old car is knowing you only really need about five tools to take one apart. A sort of archaic minimalism.

Stumbled upon a few Volkswagen Beetles, one of which making the trip worthwhile.
An original steering wheel and an old family polaroid, just a few lost memories stashed in the trunk of this ’72 Beetle.

Just another day at the salvage yard.


  1. Tom
    November 16, 2012

    A salvage yard yields an odd tranquility; I think this article really provided that sense for readers. I believe that places such as these yards are the last remnants of the natural hunter-gatherer lifestyle we humans still possess. We look high and low, and travel across these locations multiple times, in search of the one item that would make the journey worthwhile.

    I’m glad you three branched into a new photographic medium; it fits well with the rustic and timeless activity of hunting for automobile parts, and suits the growth of your brand even further. With further exploration, I think you’ll benefit from the process of developing your own film. As always, keep up the great work, gents.

    • Unyime
      November 16, 2012

      Thanks as always. We’re going to give developing a try as we’ll have fewer options since California is barring most places from developing film due to stricter EPA regulation and higher ‘waste disposal fees’.

  2. Abraham
    November 22, 2012

    Did you guys find any parts for the VW?


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